Goals and Visions

What is your vision of your future? Where do you see yourself three years from now? Ten years? Twenty Five years?

Sit down, divide your life into various categories (e.g. Business Goals, Personal Goals, Health Building Goals, Relationship Goals, Financial Goals, Professional Development Goals, Personal Development Goals, Technology Goals, Delegation Goals, Cleanup Goals, etc.), and then write out as vividly as possible your vision for the future. 

Studies have shown that when we write down our goals we are more likely to accomplish them. People who have written goals are much more successful then those who do not have written goals.

Review these goals regularly. I do it every Monday morning during my self-management meeting (more on that later). This will allow your subconscious to take over and move you forward. You will begin to see more clearly how you can make progress on reaching these goals. When you see the next step write it down as the action item to reaching your goal. Break it down into as many smaller steps as possible and just do it.

Remember, your future starts today!